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Corporations and small business often underestimate the threat of cyber criminals. While it may be easy for a small business to dismiss hackers as just a threat to large-scale corporations, the reality is that cyber criminals attack companies of any size. Their entire goal is to get data that they can use or sell to the highest bidder. For major data breaches like the ones at Target and Home Depot, the costs can be more than $3.5 million.

Maximum Protection

Businesses cannot afford to risk their reputation and security. To prevent
security threats, Braintrace offers affordable, cost-efficient options to protect any
size of company. We help to spot cyber threats before they happen, so the
business can continue to run unaffected. Rather than pay thousands or millions
of dollars to fix a cyber attack, companies can prevent them from happening in
the first place through Braintrace.


IT Services

Your company’s server and network are the lifeblood of your business. This infrastructure’s viability and security underlie your business’ success and your clients’ perception of how your company fits their needs. You can maintain a productive and customized infrastructure by investing in professional management services for both your company’s server and network.

Industry Leader

Intelligent Cybersecurity for Maximum Protection

24/7 Network Monitoring

Cyber criminals never sleep, so neither do we. At Braintrace, our software programs and operations center run around the clock to track cyber criminals and prevent data breaches


Actionable Alerts

Due to our behavioral analytics and machine learning programs, you are never alerted with false positives.


Breach Incident Response

You can minimize damages, regain your infrastructure’s security, and prevent future attacks with professional breach incident response services.


Vulnerability Scanning

To make sure that you have the best level of security, our experts offer continuous visibility, vulnerability detection and recommendations.


Security Design

Your business must have the right processes in place to prevent costly security breaches or problems.


Penetration Testing

The best time to stop a cyber attack is before it occurs. At Braintrace, we offer a comprehensive audit of security measures that are designed to test your network, applications and infrastructure.

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